Team onboarding 101

Learn how to create a supportive and engaging onboarding experience for your new hire.

Here’s the truth…

The sink or swim approach is NOT working.

Take a moment and think back to a time when you were hired for a new role. You’re excited and ready to dive in…

But you received little to no support so you couldn’t understand what was going on, and even though everyone was nice, you wish you had some guidance so you could show up and deliver your best work.

So now, you’re on the other side and you want things to be different (read: BETTER) but onboarding a new team member isn’t going as planned. You’re noticing…

  • More Chaos – As the boss, you want to lead your team with confidence and clarity. But without a structured onboarding process, it’s like trying to navigate a ship without a compass.
  • Disjointed company culture – You want everyone to feel valued, supported, and motivated to do their best work. But instead of a cohesive team, you’ve got a bunch of individuals doing their own thing.
  • Preventable mistakes – We’re all human, and mistakes happen. But without the proper training and support, little slip-ups turn into big headaches. From sending an email to the wrong person to misunderstanding a project brief, the consequences of not knowing the ins and outs of your role can add up fast.
  • High turnover – Now you have to go through the whole hiring process again (which, let’s be real, is a headache in itself), but you’re also shelling out cash left and right for recruiting, training, and onboarding new folks. It’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket—no matter how much water you pour in, it keeps draining out.

This is not what you had in mind when you decided to hire.

And it’s not just difficult for you, cause now your new hire is…

  • Feeling lost – Imagine walking into a new job and not having a clue where to start. You spend more time figuring things out than actually getting stuff done. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with half the pieces missing!
  • Ready to exit – When new hires don’t feel like they’re getting the support they need to succeed, they’re more likely to jump ship and find a new workplace where they feel appreciated and included.
  • Feeling lonely – It’s tough to feel like you belong when you’re not given the chance to understand the team’s dynamics and culture. Without proper onboarding, you’re an outsider looking in, struggling to find your place and make those meaningful connections that can make all the difference in your work life.
  • Struggling to be productive – The lack of proper onboarding can make even the simplest tasks feel like climbing a mountain. You want to contribute and be effective, but without the right guidance, it’s like trying to swim upstream.

Your onboarding is your first opportunity to make a great impression and show your new hire what it’d be like working with you.

That’s why you need a team onboarding process that’s crystal clear and reminds them why they should commit to you.


Team onboarding 101

Learn how to plan and implement a team onboarding system that sets your new hire up for success from day one.

Join our live workshop on March 13, 2024, and discover the exact system to onboard new team members seamlessly. We’ll focus on how to set clear expectations, milestones, and timelines to empower you and your team to create a supportive and thriving work environment for everyone that joins your team.

Whether you’re a solopreneur expanding your team or a seasoned business owner looking to refine your team onboarding process, this training is designed for you.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a team onboarding system, so you can impress your new client while kicking your feet up.

This workshop is FOR YOU IF you’re ready to…
  • Save time AND money – hiring and training new team members is a huge time and money sink. You’ve got to sift through resumes, conduct interviews, and then spend weeks (or even months) getting them up to speed.
  • Focus on growth – By empowering your team to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities, you’re freeing up your own time and energy to focus on the big-picture stuff.
  • Retain top talent – You want to keep great team members around for the long haul. So create a supportive and engaging environment where they feel valued and appreciated, and give them a reason to stick around and keep knocking it out of the park.
  • Increase productivity – With a structured onboarding system in place, you give your team members the tools they need to hit the ground running from day one. They’ll know exactly what’s expected of them, where to find the resources they need, and who to turn to for help. No more wasted time fumbling around trying to figure things out.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

I will walk you through my complete system for automating your client onboarding process – from start to finish.

  • Simple, straightforward onboarding – Learn how to create a step-by-step process to onboard new team members, ensuring a smooth transition and reducing the risk of miscommunication or unmet expectations.
  • Clear expectations – Discover how to set realistic and reasonable expectations for your new hires, creating a foundation for success and positive working relationship.
  • Milestone mapping – A step-by-step roadmap that breaks down the onboarding journey into three crucial phases: the first day, the first 30 days, and the first 90 days, allowing you to track progress and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Effective communication – Learn strategies to ensure your team members feel supported, valued, and empowered, enabling them to deliver their best work.
  • Ongoing support – Understand the importance of ongoing check-ins and conversations to nurture a positive working relationship, and learn how to adapt your onboarding plan as your team grows.

Join me on March 13th, 2024 at 1pm – 2pm ET


Absolutely! Whether you’re a solopreneur expanding your team or a business owner with an existing team, this workshop will provide valuable insights and strategies for successful onboarding.

Yes, the strategies shared in this workshop are adaptable to both in-person and remote teams, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience regardless of location.

The workshop will run for approximately 1 hour. I’ll be sharing only the necessary information so you can create or update your team onboarding ASAP.

You’ll also receive lifetime access to the replay and access to the following digital products following the live workshop:
• Comprehensive Team Onboarding Guide & Workbook so you know exactly what to gather & prep for your new hire
• New Hire Onboarding Checklist so you no longer rely on memory to get your new hire set up
• New Hire Welcome Slide Deck so you can run your onboarding meeting like a PRO – just fill in the blanks!
• Team Onboarding Communication Templates so you have the pre-written emails/messages to refer to throughout the entire process
• Onboarding Evaluation Survey Template so you can gather feedback and make updates

Yes, and they’ll be an opportunity to submit questions before AND after the training too.

Don’t worry! The workshop will be recorded, and you’ll have access to the replay forever after the live session. You can still benefit from the valuable content and implement the strategies at your own pace.

Due to the digital nature of the offer and the replay option, there are no refunds for the workshop.

But if you run into any issues with this workshop, please send me an email at I’m here to help. 😊