Go from a 2-hour manual client onboarding process to a 2-minute automated one

Here’s the truth…

Your client onboarding process needs an upgrade.

If onboarding your new client feels more like a chore, rather than an exciting start to a new partnership. You’re not alone!

Does this sound like you?

  • Realizing that even though you have the capacity to serve 5 new clients, if they all said yes TODAY, it’d be exhausting to onboard them without missing a step
  • Concerned about your inconsistent onboarding for every new client you land, leading to confusion and mistrust
  • Spending more time than you’d like on manual tasks like gathering client information, signing contracts and any other documentation
  • Having delayed deliverables because you missed an important step during the onboarding process
  • Struggling to automate all the repetitive tasks, like sending out welcome emails, generating invoices, and collecting client feedback
  • Losing out on referrals because your onboarding fails to build trust and leave a lasting impression

Your onboarding is your first opportunity to make a great impression and show your new client what it’d be like working with you.

That’s why you need an automated client onboarding process that’s crystal clear and reminds them why they chose YOU.


Smooth Start

A detailed two-part video workshop to show you exactly how to map and automate a high-touch client onboarding experience.

Designed for coaches and service providers, this workshop outlines step-by-step instructions to map out a CRYSTAL CLEAR onboarding process and includes behind-the-scenes tech tutorials so you can follow along.

Because there’s nothing worse than learning some new, and having no idea how to actually implement it.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a fully automated client onboarding system, so you can impress your new client while kicking your feet up.

This workshop is FOR YOU IF…
  • You want to ✨enhance✨ your client experience and make sure every client feels supported from the get-go
  • You’re ready to craft a well-structured onboarding process that gathers everything you need for high-quality deliverables
  • You want a step-by-step onboarding process that’s straightforward and hassle-free – no more spending hours trying to figure out all the right steps and tech
  • You’re ready to bring crystal clear communication to your onboarding game – zero room for confusion here!

Here’s what we’ll cover…

I will walk you through my complete system for automating your client onboarding process – from start to finish.

Workshop 01. Your onboarding blueprinT

During the first training, we start by mapping out every step so your clients feel like VIPs from day one. 👑

You’ll even receive an editable workbook that includes a visual roadmap and questions, allowing you to make quick decisions so you can map and refine your NEW onboarding process in less than 45 mins.

Think of it as your GPS for when you’re ready to move onto workshop 2.

workshop 02. AUtomate your onboarding

Now we dive into the tech side, showing you exactly how to automate the entire process you created in workshop 1.

By the end of this training, you’ll have a hands-off, straightforward onboarding system that frees up your time and impresses your clients. 🤩

Plus these bonuses…

Client email templates ($37)
Client onboarding checklist ($17)
client welcome packet TEMPLATE ($47)
DAY 1 Referral Secrets ($27)

By the end of this workshop,

you will…

  • Have a crystal clear onboarding strategy and timeline that’s not just functional but a delightful journey for your clients too
  • An automated client onboarding process that’s not just efficient but downright magic
  • Know exactly which strategies to implement so you can set boundaries while also turning your clients into your biggest advocates
  • Have more time to focus on delivering outstanding deliverables


It’s actually both! There will be 3 tech tutorials altogether. The first two tutorials will show you how to use Dubsado and Moxie.

The final tutorial will also show you how I use Zapier (they just updated their free plan so you can automate so much more) to automate my client’s onboarding processes if they use several different tools and want them all to connect seamlessly.

If you have a specific tool in mind, send me an email at

Absolutely! These workshops were made for you. 😉

Each tech tutorial is beginner-friendly, breaking down the process into manageable steps. I’ve simplified both recorded videos to outline step-by-step instructions for anything that might seem tech-complicated.

Don’t worry, this stuff is so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.

Let’s be honest… if you haven’t already automated your client onboarding process, then this is your chance to take more OFF your plate.

Each workshop is concise (less than 45 mins), and includes step-by-step instructions so you can follow along or skip ahead to what works for you.

And if you plan on landing new clients soon, block an afternoon off and update your onboarding process.

I also offer done-for-you implementation services if you’d like me to set up your client onboarding process for you. It’s my favorite thing to do! (Please keep in mind that this is a low 4-figure investment – but totally worth it if you don’t have the time!)

This is a pre-recorded workshop that will be available for instant access. That means you don’t have to show up for any calls, and you can set up your onboarding process on your own time.

That’s okay! I want to reassure you that this is a DETAILED, easy-to-follow, 2-video series. Each video is less than 45-min so you can block your afternoon, set it up, and start onboarding new clients tonight.

If you’re still stuck, you’re more than welcome to send me an email and you can also book a Mini Systems Audit where I’ll review your entire onboarding process and share pointers and feedback so you know you’re on the right track. It’s less than $50 when you join this workshop.

I also offer done-for-you implementation services if you’d like me to set up your client onboarding process for you. It’s my favorite thing to do! (Please keep in mind that this is a low 4-figure investment – but totally worth it if you don’t have the time!)

You will have lifetime access to this workshop. 🎉

Due to the digital nature of the offer and the replay option, there are no refunds for the workshop.

But if you run into any issues with this workshop, please send me an email. I’m here to help. 😊